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Patient Safety

Complications from anesthesia have declined dramatically over the last 25 years. Since 1970, the number of anesthesiologists has more than doubled and, at the same time and at virtually the same rate, patient outcomes have improved.

In just the last decade, estimates for the number of deaths attributed to anesthesia have dropped 25-fold from 1 in 10,000 anesthetics to 1 in 250,000 today. All this has occurred during a time when the youngest of premature infants in neonatal units survives intricate, lifesaving procedures and 100-year-old patients undergo and recover from major surgeries that were once thought to be impossible.

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Anesthesiologists Now Offer Model of How to Improve Safety…

“Noting the success achieved by anesthesiologists, other doctors-notably surgeons-have aimed more at improving treatment methods.”

“Heal Thyself: Once Seen as Risky, One Group of Doctors Changes Its Ways” Wall Street Journal, June 21, 2005